Hello and welcome to my personal website dedicated to sword collecting and selling.

I am primarily a collector and dealer in antique military swords and edged weapons and author of numerous books related to antique swords, knives, daggers, polearms, spears and lances. If you are interested in collecting or studying these items, then this website is for you!

Please take the time to look through my articles on both collecting and looking after your antique swords. I do hope that you find them of interest and that they spur you on to collecting more of these fascinating and historical weapons. It is important that we all preserve (literally) antique swords and edged weapons as they are a window into our military past and tell the story of human conflict over many thousands of years.

I am also constantly purchasing fine quality examples of antique swords, edged weapons and militaria and I would like to invite you to visit my militaria website here where stock is always changing – you might just find the sword you have been looking for!

Best wishes,

Harvey Withers